Presenting the MobileKids Research at the Conference: Changing Families, Changing Institutions?

On the 24th and 25th of October 2019, the InFaCt research project organized its closing conference at the University of Turin. The scope of this conference was to discuss “new” family practices and institutional responses to these ongoing changes in family configurations, with a particular emphasis on gender, rights, and childhood. Thus, a perfect opportunity of us to present and get feedback on elements that are starting to emerge from our data around the cultural-normative frameworks that are shaping children’s lived experiences of shared custody arrangements in Italy and Belgium.

As described in the conference folder, the InFaCt research project has been funded by Compagnia di San Paolo and University of Turin, and its leading theme has been the changes that contemporary families face, focusing on families with separated parents, reconstituted families, same-sex parent families, migrant families, and families where fathers take on an innovative role with greater involvement in childcare. These “new” types of families are the most critical setting where parenting and its transformations are constructed and shared, as part of the relationships between parents and public institutions that deal on a daily basis with different ways of “doing family”.

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